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Triple Wrap Ring

Color14k GF
SizeSIZE 6

This triple wrap ring features a very simple design. Minimal and great for every day wear, matching with every outfit!

Metal: Solid .935 Silver, or 14K Gold Filled
Nickel and lead free


- Before you buy -

Please be sure the jewelry you buy is made of a metal that is safe for you! In general, 14k Gold fill and Argentium silver are excellent quality and rarely will create a reaction, but ultimately, every person is different and it's up to you to know how your body will react. Read below for more info


- About The Metal -

I want to start by telling you how the six rings that I have on have been wearing and the reaction (if any) that my skin has had (everyone's body chemistry is different though, so my experience might not reflect yours). Note that all of these rings have gotten wet while washing my hands and have been exposed to skin moisture. Here we go... My solid gold wedding band stays a consistent color and has no reaction with my skin. So far my 14k gold filled wrap ring has also maintained good metal color and has caused no discoloration of my skin. My solid .935 silver knot ring has held it's color nicely (wearing often helps with this) and it has had no reaction with my skin. My two uncoated brass rings both show some color change and have left a green ring on my fingers. My stamped brass ring that I have coated with nail polish seems to have some color change to the metal, but much less green staining on my finger (the little I see is probably due to an insufficient coating). I hope that this helps, please read on for more information on the metals that we use.

Gold Filled: 14K Gold Filled is a good choice if your ring will be exposed to moisture (especially things like sweat), it has a layer of real 14K gold on the outside of the wire. Gold doesn't tarnish or turn your skin green when it gets wet (which is awesome!). Gold Filled jewelry's Gold content is 100 times greater than a gold plated piece (but still don't beat it up too much because you can ware through the Gold). I also want to to mention that the cut ends of this ring will have a small area that is not protected by the gold filled coating (this has not proved to be an issue for me).

Silver: We use both Solid Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver) and Solid Argentium Silver (93.5% pure silver) depending on the needs of the product. These rings, for instance, are all made of Argentium, which has a higher pure silver content and is more tarnish resistant than traditional Sterling. Will Silver turn your finger green? Well it depends, I personally don't have this problem, but about 3% of people will (depending on there body acidity).

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Triple Wrap Ring


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