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Herkimer Stud Earrings

These all natural gemstones are carefully wrapped with wire going through the stone to make a secure and lovely earring.


These beautiful, double terminate quartz crystal studs begin with unique, one-of-a-kind stones. Each one is different and no one stone perfectly matches another.


Gold filled:

Although more expensive, this is by far the best and safest choice of metal! Gold will never tarnish. The gold filled earrings will come with gold filled silicone covered earring backs.


An alloy made of copper and zinc, brass is very affordable. However, before you decide to purchase jewelry made of brass please be aware of how YOU personally react to it. Brass can sometimes turn skin green or cause irritation, so it's important to choose wisely. But, if you know that brass is a safe metal for you, it's a great option! The color is very similar to gold and we always use solid brass, which means the color will never wear off! Although, it can tarnish, it can easily be polished up again to bring back that gold shine!


We have started moving from solid sterling silver (92.5% pure silver) to solid argentium silver (93.5% pure silver). Argentium is not only a higher quality silver, but it is also tarnish resistant and stronger. Silver studs will come with solid sterling silver earring backs.


- Gold filled posts with gold filled & silicone earring back

- Solid sterling silver posts with solid sterling silver earring backs

- Solid brass earring post with gold plated earring back

- Stone: Herkimer diamond

- Size: 5-10mm



To keep your jewelry in best condition it is advised to keep it dry (from beauty products, sweat, etc) When you sweat, the acidity in the oils of the skin react with metals (except for gold) and depending on the levels, this sometimes is what will cause tarnishing or leave a green color.