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Feminism Encourages Sticker

This is satire. Well, Pat Robinson was totally serious, but I take it satirically. Don't @ me bro. I'm a fan of this quote because I find it absolutely hilarious. And aside from the murder part, like, sign me up.

20% of proceeds go to a progressive organization. Please check "shop announcements" or Instagram to learn who we are supporting this month!

Printed on a white premium adhesive film with a glossy weather resistant laminate to give your stickers a 2-4 year minimum outdoor life. A wide range of uses from branding and packaging to repairing a ding on your surfboard. As a standard we print these on a PVC-free film that’s environmentally friendly.

White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive

PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight

2-4 year outdoor life

PVC free product