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Charlottesville Row Sticker

This 4" x 1.7" vinyl sticker is scratch proof and weather proof. You can run it on a water bottle through the dishwasher or on your car without damaging it. It also works great for a laptop, luggage, cooler or other accessory.

It features a hand-drawn and painted watercolor design featuring some of the most historic buildings/small businesses in Charlottesville, Virginia. It includes Hamilton's restaurant, Mudhouse coffee shop, the Paramount Theatre, Timberlake's Drugstore, The Hardware Store and Chap's Ice Cream. The sticker features a 1/4" white border around the design itself.

This sticker would make an amazing gift for a UVA student, UVA grad or anyone with a connection to Charlottesville, VA. It can be used for so many things and works great in a set with my other Charlottesville products.