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Charlottesville Classics Note Card

This 5.5"x4" vertical greeting card is essentially a mini print and a sweet, illustrated reminder of Charlottesville, VA. The card is completely blank on the inside with The Mad Kitchen logo on the back. This is a great welcome, homecoming, housewarming, bon voyage, congratulations or thinking of you card. It has great versatility and works as a gift of its own.

I was inspired to create this in a series of illustrations during the spread of Covid-19. Charlottesville, VA is a city that celebrates a humble, cozy and small town feel. Education, history and small businesses make up this unique city set in the middle of scenic Virginia. As the unique businesses and institutions of Charlottesville have all been affected by the pandemic, I wanted to pay homage to their humbleness and their stories.

This 5.5"x4" greeting card (envelope included) of Charlottesville, Virginia's staples was drawn with pencil, painted with watercolor, then drawn again with fountain pen. The print features some of the most distinguishing landmarks, attractions, small businesses and restaurants of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia's campus.

This print includes The Jefferson Theater, Skyline Drive, The Fralin Museum, The Whiskey Jar, Boylan Heights, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard, The Downtown Mall, the recognizable Paramount sign, Citizen Burger, Brazos Tacos, The Corner, The Rotunda, South Street Brewery and the Edgar Allen Poe room of UVA.

This would make a great gift for someone who loves Charlottesville, for one who once lived in the city or attended the University of Virginia.