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When did you arrive in Charlottesville and when did you join Darling?

Moved to C'ville August ‘19, started working at Darling September ‘19

If you were a color... what would it be and why?!

Originally my color was clear with sparkles, but that’s definitely more Linnea!

What is your fav coffee shop order?

Small black coffee!

Your outfit recipe for an everyday YOU look:

Trousers + curled hair + oversized button down shirt.

What’s one of your absolute favorite #darlingfinds?

So hard to pick ONE favorite #darlingfind !!! Probably my Levi jeans — there’s no better feeling than when you finally find the perfect pair of jeans!

What does “You are altogether beautiful, darling” mean to you?

To me, “you are altogether beautiful, darling” means acceptance, respect, and appreciation for who you are today at this exact moment. Your past mistakes, triumphs, and all other in-between moments have shaped this beautiful, worthy being! Breathe that in.

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