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When did you arrive in Charlottesville and when did you join Darling?

I grew up in Charlottesville! I joined Darling in April of 2019.

If you were a color... what would it be and why?!

If I were a color, I would be beige. It’s my favorite color, it looks good on everybody and it comes in so many different shades!

What is your fav coffee shop order?

My coffee order changes with every season. I just moved on from vanilla lattes and I’m currently obsessed with iced matcha lattes with soy milk. When I say obsessed... I mean truly obsessed.

Your outfit recipe for an everyday YOU look:

My outfit recipe usually starts with me doing a mental check: How am I feeling today? How do I want to feel throughout the day? What do I have going on today? After I answer those questions for myself, I choose clothes to continue to boost my mood and confidence! I keep a running list of go-to clothing pieces in my head! I know how they make me feel and their comfort level in order to keep me feeling comfortable and confident throughout the day! I, also, like to switch up my hair styles and accessories based on my moods! Switching up hair and accessories also helps to not feel like I’m wearing the same outfits over and over again!

What’s one of your absolute favorite #darlingfinds?

One of my favorite Darling finds are any of my Maslo pieces. I love gold jewelry, especially hoops! Her pieces make me feel like a goddess!

What does “You are altogether beautiful, darling” mean to you?

To me, “You are altogether beautiful Darling” means that I am worthy and beautiful just as I am. So often, I feel like I have so much to “fix”about myself and it’s a nice reminder to me that I don’t constantly have to feel like that!

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