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Darling Ambassadors live altogether beautifully, standing boldly in their worth.

They spread kindness, love, grace, and style
wherever they go.

They are conscious consumers that believe in #secondhandfirst and #lovedclotheslast. 

They passionately support local and cherish handmade goods.

They are advocates for women supporting women, for authentic community, and for loving their neighbor.

Do you embody this message every day?

Want to be rewarded while helping spread
female empowerment + celebrate slow fashion?

Join us!

how it works

+ feature Darling items on
social media platforms

+ tag @shopatdarling and
show us how you style
your #darlingfinds

+ unique code + link with a discount
for your followers for tracking
sales on our online store


+ special discount for yourself
+ brand swag
+ sales based rewards
+ exclusive brand opportunities
+ darling community!

Once you've filled out our application and have been approved, you will be sent a special code to share with friends, family, + followers. This code will get them a discount of 10% off when they shop with your code on our online store! The more sales you rack up with your promo code, the more rewards you will earn! As an ambassador, you will receive a special discount to shop with us as well! 

We know word of mouth referral and organic growth is the best way to build a small business. We want to build a team of darlings who believe in our mission. 

Don’t worry — there are no purchase requirements or minimum followers required to become an ambassador!

We do ask that your Instagram profile be PUBLIC and we do have monthly + weekly posting guideline requirements for ambassadors.

While we wish we could accept every single ambassador applicant, we will be selecting ambassadors based on brand representation + marketing content potential as we build a team that represents Darling!

There are so many benefits of joining our ambassador team. Get special discounts, win prizes, enjoy exclusive opportunities, and connect with fellow darlings. Apply today and join our growing community!