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Pom Pom Silver Bar Earrings

These Poms are basic with a punch. Light as a feather, but will brighten any boardroom and catch the attention of whoever you are having cocktails with in the evening.

When we started wearing these babies, we were BLOWN AWAY with the smiles and compliments they garner. Literally people passing us on the street make comments, and we personally believe they provide a little whimsy and sunshine to any situation we find ourselves in. Your kids will think you're cool, your co-worker who is overwhelmed with life lightens up for a sec when seeing you, and hey your bartender may even give you an extra large glass of Rose because they like you. Also we love you and want you to feel cool and pretty.

Handmade in our homes by tired Mom hands after our crazy children go to sleep.

100% wool pom pom earrings with four hardware options: gold chain, brass bar, silver bar and oversized brass hoop. Please know the brass ear wires are pure niobium and therefore will not cause allergies.


Ann and Katie