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When did you arrive in Charlottesville and when did you join Darling?

I moved to Charlottesville the summer of 2016. I applied to Darling in August 2019 and by September 3rd I was doing training and we have been growing together as a team since.

If you were a color... what would it be and why?!

It's hard to pick one single color, my moods change with the seasons. But If I HAD to pick, it would be yellow, because it reminds me of sunshine and warm weather it also looks good with my tan skin.

What is your fav coffee shop order?

Large vanilla latte! Most of the time it's iced. 

Your outfit recipe for an everyday YOU look:

A dress + chunky booties/heels.

What’s one of your absolute favorite #darlingfinds?

Jewelry wise I live in my tiny star necklace from Indigo Moon Jewels, but when It comes to “clothes” I LOVE my rose gold booties! I got them a couple of months after I started working. They go with everything, I can wear them with dresses or jeans and still feel like a boss.

What does “You are altogether beautiful, darling” mean to you?

To me it means being your true self! Not only loving your body but taking care and accepting it for everything it gives you.

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